CCR stands for the Canadian Council for Refugees. It is a non-profit organization in Canada that advocates for the rights and well-being of refugees, asylum seekers, and other vulnerable migrants. The CCR works towards promoting a humane and inclusive approach to refugee protection and settlement in Canada.

The Canadian Council for Refugees engages in various activities and initiatives to support its mission, including:

Advocacy: The CCR advocates for refugee rights and protection, both domestically and internationally. It engages with government officials, policymakers, and other stakeholders to influence policies and laws related to refugee and immigration issues. The CCR campaigns for fair and just refugee processes, access to legal representation, and the rights of refugees and migrants.

Capacity Building: The CCR provides resources, training, and support to its member organizations and other service providers working with refugees and vulnerable migrants. It promotes knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and best practices to enhance the capacity of organizations involved in refugee settlement and integration.

Public Awareness and Education: The CCR conducts public awareness campaigns and educational initiatives to raise awareness about refugee issues and promote a more informed and compassionate understanding of forced displacement and migration. It seeks to challenge stereotypes and promote positive narratives about refugees and newcomers.

Research and Policy Development: The CCR conducts research and policy analysis to contribute evidence-based recommendations and solutions on refugee and migration issues. It provides expertise and input on legislative and policy developments related to refugee protection, resettlement, and integration.

The Canadian Council for Refugees serves as a national platform for collaboration, dialogue, and collective action among its member organizations and other stakeholders involved in refugee and migration issues.

Through its advocacy efforts and partnerships, the CCR works towards building a more inclusive and welcoming society for refugees and migrants in Canada.