CCLB stands for the Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks. It is an organization in Canada that is responsible for the development and implementation of language standards and benchmarks for assessing language proficiency in English and French.

The Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks works towards establishing a common framework for language assessment, instruction, and recognition across Canada. It collaborates with various stakeholders, including language training providers, educational institutions, immigration authorities, and settlement organizations.

The main objectives of the CCLB include:

Language Standards: The CCLB develops and maintains the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) framework, which outlines the language skills and competencies required at different proficiency levels in English and French. These benchmarks provide a consistent and reliable measure of language proficiency across Canada.

Language Assessment: The CCLB develops assessment tools and resources based on the CLB framework. These assessments are used to evaluate language proficiency for various purposes, such as immigration applications, employment requirements, and language training placement.

Curriculum and Training: The CCLB supports the development of language training curriculum and resources that align with the CLB framework. It provides guidance and training to language instructors and practitioners to ensure effective language instruction and learner progress.

Research and Development: The CCLB conducts research and collaborates on projects related to language assessment, proficiency standards, and best practices in language instruction. It seeks to enhance language assessment methodologies and improve language training outcomes.

The Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks plays a crucial role in promoting language proficiency standards and ensuring consistency in language assessment and instruction across Canada. Its efforts contribute to the integration and success of newcomers, language learners, and individuals seeking to demonstrate their language skills for various purposes.