Convention Refugee


CR4 refers to a convention refugee living abroad who is self-sufficient and does not require government assistance.


CR5 represents a convention refugee living abroad who has special needs and has been chosen under Joint Assistance Sponsorship for resettlement.


CRA stands for Canada Revenue Agency, which is the government agency responsible for taxation matters in Canada.


CRC indicates a convention refugee living outside their home country who has been granted resettlement with the support of a community sponsorship in Canada.


CREAC stands for Conclusion, Rules, Explanation, Application, and Conclusion. It is a framework often used in legal writing and analysis to structure and present arguments or analysis in a systematic manner.


CRG stands for Convention refugee abroad who is sponsored by a group of five individuals in Canada.


Canadian Refugee Protection Portal: A portal that allows claimants in Canada to file for asylum online.


CRS stands for Comprehensive Ranking System, which is a points-based system used to assess and compare the qualifications and attributes of candidates who have entered the Express Entry pool for immigration to Canada.