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Find your Canada Immigration Status or Visa refusal reasons: Get GCMS Notes


Introduction to GCMS Notes

To obtain more detailed information on your application status and progress from IRCC, you can request GCMS Notes. GCMS notes are a way for applicants to receive the most specific updates on their application, including information on the immigration office (IRCC) and officer handling it, and the status and reason for the status of the application.

The GCMS note provides applicants with a comprehensive overview of their application, including everything submitted and gathered by IRCC. This includes:

  • Details of their application, such as the date it was received and opened, the code of the assigned immigration officer, its status, and the reason for the status;
  • Information about the applicant gathered by IRCC; and
  • Any information submitted by a third-party representative to IRCC.

Getting your GCMS Notes

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