GCMS Notes from CBSA


We will apply GCMS notes from CBSA . GCMS notes will include complete processing information and officer’s notes, are directly sent to your email inbox.

Approximately 30 to 60 Days Delivery Time. The time required is solely determined by IRCC/CBSA.



GCMS notes is an information file that can be requested by applicants for temporary residence (visitor visas, study permits, work permits) or permanent residence (Express Entry, Provincial Nomination Program, Family Sponsorship etc.) from Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), available under the Access to Information Act (ATI). On the GCMS note, applicants can see an expansive amount of information, encompassing everything they have submitted, and that Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has gathered in relation to the application. This includes:

  • Information on their application (including when the application was received, when it was opened, the code of the immigration officer who is assigned to the application, application status, and reason for status, etc.);
  • Any information IRCC has gathered about the applicant; and
  • Any information submitted by a third-party representative to IRCC.