Full Case File with GCMS Notes


We will apply GCMS notes from CBSA and full case files from IRCC, you will get two reports. GCMS notes from ICBSA and full case files from IRCC, which include complete processing information and officer’s notes, correspondences and documents submitted with IRCC.

Approximately 30 to 60 Days Delivery Time. The time required is solely determined by IRCC/CBSA.


You can request both GCMS Notes from CBSA and the full case file, which includes all documents submitted and correspondences with IRCC.

Why Request GCMS Notes?
– Understand the reasons behind a refusal for any IRCC application.
– Check the status of your temporary or permanent residency file if there’s a delay.
– Discover the visa processing office handling your application.
– Benefit from other valuable insights provided by GCMS Notes.

When to Consider Requesting the Full Case File:
– Reapplying for a visa and want consistency and accuracy with previous applications.
– Need copies of IELTS, CELPIP, or other certificates submitted to IRCC.
– Require copies of employment references sent to IRCC.
– Need copies of documents previously submitted with your application.

Important Note on Document Retention Policy:
According to IRCC’s data retention policy, Entire File-related documents are generally disposed of 2 years after the last administrative action. If more than 2 years have passed since your visa refusal, please consider ordering the CAIPS/GCMS file, available for up to 10 years after IRCC’s last administrative action.

Experience a comprehensive and efficient application process with our Combined GCMS Notes and Full Case File service. Stay informed and gain valuable insights into your visa application journey.